Thursday, 2 February 2006


This is an artist's impression of a tatoo I would like to get done on my wrist. It's hebrew for the word forgiven.
Arguments for: It looks cool.It will lead to evangelistic conversations about why I can put a word like that permanently on my body.
Arguments against: I might not want it when I'm 50
It will hurt a lot.
So, should I get it done more permanently than with a felt tip pen? Tell me now before it's too late!!

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OddBabble said...

Anonymous said...
Don't get a tat OddBabble. They are tacky. You are a lady, not a shaznay.

Fri Feb 03, 02:02:00 AM 2006

Rhology said...
Arguments for:

It looks cool;
RESPONSE: KIND of, but you're right - it won't when you're 50. Or 40.

It will lead to evangelistic convos;
RESPONSE: It might, and it might also lead to causing a weaker bro/sis to stumble since you are imitating what amounts to an ancient (and modern) pagan practice. Case in point - you are asking other Christians to critique the idea of getting a tat.
There are better, less painful, and easier ways to start evangelistic convos.

Just my two pence...

Fri Feb 03, 08:33:00 AM 2006

Anonymous said...
Pagan practice?
Not sure about that.
Go for it, why not...

Fri Feb 03, 01:26:00 PM 2006

Kath said...
I think it looks cool. But what do I know about cool...
get it done :-)

Fri Feb 03, 03:39:00 PM 2006

Troll / Witstable said...
Get it done Barney!! You know it makes sense. There is nothing un-Christian about tattoos and those who say there is should also refrain from getting their hair cut at the sides or from wearing clothes of more that one kind of material.

It looks cool and will definitely lead to more evangelistic conversations. I was in the swimming baths once and had an amazing chance to share my faith with a naked Jewish lady in the showers when she spotted my Hebrew tattoo. As we all know, tattoos are infinitely cooler that WWJD bracelets and more waterproof too.

As for regretting it when you're old, people used to say to me "What happens when you're old and you have saggy arms?" to which I reply, "I'll be old with saggy arms and a tattoo's not going to make any difference."

And, they don't hurt that much. So just do it Barney!!

Love Witstable xx (aka Troll)

Fri Feb 03, 03:48:00 PM 2006

-bb- said...
hehe...i like it, always teetering on the edge of getitng one myself...but prob won't, mainly cos I cant think of anything good!

So, yeah I like it but obviously that doesnt mean you should get it done!

Fri Feb 03, 11:12:00 PM 2006

Bumbleflump said...
...i'm probably too late as ever and needless to say my points are about as watertight as a leaky thing but there we go

As they go, tats usually look pretty good...but

a) we're called to be set apart n different from the rest...tats are a purely worldy 'fashion'? clearly so are all the things in my wardrobe but i can question their appropriateness and burn them/craft them into cushion covers/attempt to justify their existence if need be...but a tat ain't going nowhere once it's on (clearly).

b) if you do decide to do it - maybe a tad smaller? to my untrained eye not only would you get opportunities to discuss said markings, they could probably join in - they're like a third limb ;) i'm talkin eye-catchingly minimal?

hey...the choice is yours. as long as you know why you're doing it!

nin x

Sat Feb 04, 10:09:00 PM 2006

Andy said...
democracy is the best form of government but it is not the way we should make decisions.

Blogs are for your thoughts not ours :o)

Make a decision. Live with it.

Sun Feb 05, 07:04:00 AM 2006

OddBabble said...
This is not a democracy! I'm not making this decision based on a vote, I'm just asking opinions (which I'm perfectly entitled to do on my blog! :o) )

I hearby end this debate, as I've made my decision.....I have no choice but to live with it!!

Mon Feb 06, 10:46:00 AM 2006

Jonny:) said...
"do not put tatto marks on your body"

lev 19:28

But i reckon it looks cool, i want to do the ichtus fish on my sholder

Thu Feb 09, 04:01:00 PM 2006

OddBabble said...
"do not cut the hair at the sides of your head" Lev 19:27

"do not wear clothing of two kinds of material" Lev 19:19

Oh no! We're all condemned!!!

But wait...didn't someone say something once about a NEW COVENANT?!

"For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth come through Jesus Christ." John 1:17


(Sorry for my sarcasm Jonny, but there is no BIBLICAL reason as far as I can see it why I should not get a tattoo. People might have different opinions about them, which is fair enough, but I'm not convinced by the 'Christian' arguements....go for the icthus thing (if you want to!))

Thu Feb 09, 05:07:00 PM 2006

OddBabble said...
Oops, think I got a bit over defensive there, sorry.


Thu Feb 09, 11:18:00 PM 2006

Rosalie said...
OK . . . soooooo . . . I'm 60 years old and am about to get a tattoo on my upper arm - a long-stemmed rose or a heart - you young 'uns think 40 or 50 is OLD but that's because you're so young.

Furthermore, I don't see tatoos as worldly anymore than are piercings, make up, streaked hair, etc. In fact, I'm planning to have my nose pierced and will have a very small diamond in it.

I have been a Christian for 50+ years and enjoy a walk with the Lord.

OddBabble, I say go for it if that's what you want to do. Jesus is coming soon. You may never have to worry how you'll feel about it when you are 40 or 50. My only piece of advice is to have it done tastefully so as to retain your femininity.

Blessings !

Fri Feb 10, 05:36:00 PM 2006

Jonny:) said...

it was just like sumthing i read and thought i'd put it up as no one seemed to have mentioned it.

Fri Feb 10, 05:36:00 PM 2006

Anonymous said...
get it - i am thinking on your ankile though?

Pip x

Fri Mar 03, 03:35:00 PM 2006

Anonymous said...
or ankle

Fri Mar 03, 03:35:00 PM 2006

shd said...
You might want to take Lev 19 v 28 into consideration.


Mon Mar 13, 10:24:00 AM 2006

OddBabble said...
You might want to read the other comments.