Sunday, 30 April 2006


During a recent bank holiday excursion, my friend and I chanced upon a charming toy museum. We gayly paid our entrance fees, only to find the smiles drop from our faces when we discovered that it was an exhibition of Sick Dolls! We captured some of them on film so that you could share a little in our horror.

Above, you will be disturbed to see Hurling Barf Sick Boy. This dirty little horror scored a massive 11 out of 10 on the Sickter Scale. He actually makes me feel physically sick to look at him. He's so shiny! Hold on, I need to go and wash my hands...

Now to the right you will see Princess Sick Lips, scoring highly at 10. She's just so obnoxious and smug! Her hair is matted and she has a sick little mouth on 'er. Those pearls are obscene. I feel dirty just looking at her.

Now below you will see Zombie Dawn (6). Now who in thier right minds would give a child something as terrifying as this to play with? She is quite literally, coming to get you. See below for an artists impression of Zombie Dawn as a life sized person.

Above, meet Clammy Daniel (8.5) Ew he looks like a real little boy! But just a really clammy one! Sick! He is sick as! Imagine cuddling up to Clammy Daniel as child. I wouldn't be surprised if he left a secretion. Hold on, I need to wash my hands again....

To the left, you will see Dirty Hannah. A giant soiled baby. She was massive. It was sick. Dirty Hannah scored 9.5 on the Sickter Scale. I can't believe I got that close to her. See how I shudder. She still haunts my dreams.
This is just a small selection. If you think you can stomach it, click for more sick pics (go to 'fun stuff' and click the ugly dolls link) There you will meet: Polly Po-face (3.5) Jackie (5) Slippery Sylvia (7.5) Rab Sick Nesbitt (9) Fanny (6) Sad Jane (2) Shiny Sick Face (9.5) Sylvester the Sick (9) Queen Sicky-Rank (10) Kimrandy (2.5) Pam Sickrosia (7) Queer Courtney (7.5) Sick, Sick, Sick, Sick, Sindy (10) Rank Candy (8) Whimpering Wendy (4) Nasty Noel (7) Pauline Placenta Head (9) and Filthy-Sick Francine (10.5) SICK!!

Friday, 21 April 2006