Friday, 23 December 2005


As you're aware, this campaign is called 'Badger Babble 2 Begin Blogging' (BB2BB). Currently if I had to imagine what kind of badger we're being to Odd it would probably be something like this:

I'm afraid this isn't nearly good enough. Let's be more like this crazy badger:
In the words of Roy Castle, "Dedication's what you need."(posted by Nathan)


You guys really want her to blog? Then keep sending in stuff like this.

Odd Babble needs to blog
More than Tintin needs a dog
More than the Tyne needs the fog
More than yuletide needs a log
More than London needs the smog
More than a Dutch bod needs a clog
More than a tadpole needs a frog
More than a wristwatch needs a cog
More than a pigherd needs a hog
More than a fatty needs a jog

Troll sent this in and I love it. Keep this up and that OddBabble won't be able to stop herself from blogging. (Hmmm what other words end with og...?)

(posted by Nathan)

Tuesday, 20 December 2005

Even Bert Is In On The Action

Pod posted this rare photograph of reknowned scientist, mathematician and poet, Albert Einstein, forming the equation that proved his theory of relativity. This breakthrough was only possible because of his commitment to the cause of BB2BB. We need more men and women like him and Pod. Keep this stuff coming.(posted by Nathan)

Saturday, 17 December 2005


Calling all people who know OddBabble. You will, I'm sure, be fans of hers. Although the blight of 'Seven Things' is slowly fading from our corner of the blogosphere, one good thing has arisen from it. Kath Arnold suggested that Babble should start blogging. I then also agreed that this would be brilliant. In response to my suggestion, Bish seconded that "there must be more we could do to get OddBabble to start blogging." Now, Babble-addicts, there is.

It's called and you are here. Yes. This is the beginning of a marvelous new era. Any way that you can try to get her to blog, please comment or post here. Email me at if there's a picture or article you'd like to submit. Let's apply the pressure.(posted by Nathan)