Friday, 23 December 2005


As you're aware, this campaign is called 'Badger Babble 2 Begin Blogging' (BB2BB). Currently if I had to imagine what kind of badger we're being to Odd it would probably be something like this:

I'm afraid this isn't nearly good enough. Let's be more like this crazy badger:
In the words of Roy Castle, "Dedication's what you need."(posted by Nathan)

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OddBabble said...

ha ha!

By Paarai, at Fri Dec 23, 04:52:00 PM 2005


If you are reading this I want you to realise that if you do not start Blogging, serious things will happen - you know that there are a hoard of ex-Relay Workers at my disposal, conditioned to obey my every command - all I have to do is look at them in a starey way and use my scary voice and they will do what I say.

Actually - you ARE and ex-Relay Worker so here goes...



now do as you are told!

By Andy, at Wed Dec 28, 08:33:00 PM 2005

Can't exactly argue with Shudall...

By thebluefish, at Thu Dec 29, 01:59:00 PM 2005

Fo Shizzo!

By Pachu'a, at Sat Dec 31, 12:05:00 AM 2005

Oh no, no arguing with Shudall. Maybe the starey look has to be in person though Andy. The emoticon doesn't have quite the same effect. Come on OddBabble, blog!

By étrangère, at Fri Jan 06, 05:32:00 PM 2006