Saturday, 18 February 2006

My Kinda Music

OddBabble's Strange Dreamworld #2

I was walking along, chatting about something to Becci Brown (she's ubiquitous), and then I entered a room without her. In the room was big mob of people pushing and shouting, and it was immediately obvious that, of course, they were rescuing Pod from the cellar where he had been trapped for goodness know how long. He emerged, looking very thin, and said to the press; 'that was the most distilled example of grace I have ever experienced'. I was watching the crowd around him from the window of a train which was passing over head. As I looked over the seats, I saw Becci Brown (she's ubiquitous) taking photographs of herself and filming the scene below. I don't think she saw me, so I went to sleep.

Wednesday, 8 February 2006

Anti-Wedding List?

After nearly ten years together, my flatmate and I are finally about to go our separate ways and live separately alone. As I was looking around the flat at our stuff, I realised that I don't own a lot of essential items like kettles, irons, hoovers etc. because we owned them jointly. It occured to me that when people do this the other way around, ie, two single people set up home together, they send out a wedding list. I have to confess I've never been the greatest fan of them; either the couple have been living together already for years, and so already have loads of stuff and just want newer versions, and so why should I have to buy it for them?! Or they have TWO of everything already, so why should I buy them another version of something they already have in duplicate?!* Anyway, I was thinking about the fact that an 'anti-wedding list' would be a jolly useful and justifiable thing for me. I need stuff! But then I imagined what it would be like going to John Lewis by myself to set up the wedding list, thinking of course of the Lord Jesus as my future husband in Heaven....

John Lewis employee: What name shall I say?

Me: Babble.

JLP: Normally couples come to see us together, when will your future husband be coming?

Me: Ah, no-one knows, not even He does....although I think His Father knows....but He is definately coming!

JLP: Rrrriggghhttt.........[tries to change the subject], what kind of wedding are you planning?

Me: Well, I won't be the only bride.....there'll be LOADS of us....some of them will be fact, a lot of them will be dead!!


*I recognise and embrace the bitterness implied by these comments.

Tuesday, 7 February 2006

Cross in a Girl's World

Originally posted 07/02/06

The Cross in a girl's world
Saturday 18th February9:30-5:30pm
£5.00 (pay on the day)
Duke Street Church, Richmond, London

"A day for girls to get together and worship God as we learn from his word and think radically about the impact of the cross on our lives"

Sound good? I think so! It is going to be a brilliant day of teaching and fellowship and the day includes seminars on things like:

Time management
Sexual temptation
Mental health issues
Women and leadership

If you are interested in coming along, just comment on this blog and I can email you the details and how you can book.

It is going to be fantastic- please come!

(pasted and stolen from Katie V's blog!)

Monday, 6 February 2006

OddBabble's Strange Dreamworld #1

Last night Declan Donnely (of Ant & Dec fame) asked me to marry him. I said yes! Everyone at the conference was very impressed with the large rock he gave me. It was a bit of a downer afterwards when we realised we had never had a conversation, and we would have to go through the tedium of getting to know one another. Still, everyone was very impressed with the large rock.

Thursday, 2 February 2006


This is an artist's impression of a tatoo I would like to get done on my wrist. It's hebrew for the word forgiven.
Arguments for: It looks cool.It will lead to evangelistic conversations about why I can put a word like that permanently on my body.
Arguments against: I might not want it when I'm 50
It will hurt a lot.
So, should I get it done more permanently than with a felt tip pen? Tell me now before it's too late!!