Saturday, 18 February 2006

OddBabble's Strange Dreamworld #2

I was walking along, chatting about something to Becci Brown (she's ubiquitous), and then I entered a room without her. In the room was big mob of people pushing and shouting, and it was immediately obvious that, of course, they were rescuing Pod from the cellar where he had been trapped for goodness know how long. He emerged, looking very thin, and said to the press; 'that was the most distilled example of grace I have ever experienced'. I was watching the crowd around him from the window of a train which was passing over head. As I looked over the seats, I saw Becci Brown (she's ubiquitous) taking photographs of herself and filming the scene below. I don't think she saw me, so I went to sleep.

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OddBabble said...

I laughed till I was sore reading this - apart from being somewhat akin to a French surrealist film from the 60's (and a good one at that - how would you say" 'that was the most distilled example of grace I have ever experienced' in French'?) that quote from Pod is hysterical!

To be this funny in your sleep proves you are truly amazing. Keep blogging!

By Andy, at Sun Feb 19, 08:20:00 PM 2006

THAT, my dear OddBabble, is utterly hilarious!! I feel somewhat priviledged to have made it to your dream world and yet it's all a little bizarre that my dream state could be at once talking with you and then be on a train taking photos of myself...and yet, strangley real and familiar...!! What Pod said is bang on the money...except I think 'distilled example' is a little too intelligent for him to say..;) (I'm gonna get a beating for that!)

looking forward to having a real conversation soon. Have you found a flat?

By -bb-, at Mon Feb 20, 12:58:00 PM 2006

Lord Zebu is amused by the ramblings of the earth unit designated, 'OddBabble'

Lord Zebu would remind the 'ubiquitous' one that he who is mocked passed HIS driving test FIRST TIME!

By Lord Zebu, at Mon Feb 20, 05:28:00 PM 2006

same old same old lord zebu.....that's all you have to offer, ever!

By -bb-, at Mon Feb 20, 10:07:00 PM 2006


Andy I'm so going to have to search the local video library for a 60's French surrealist film like that, or I could even see it as a Belgian surrealist comic book... Since you asked, 'that was the most distilled example of grace I have ever experienced' in French could be, "Ça c'était l'exemple de la grâce le plus distillé que j'aie jamais fait l'expérience !" I think dreaming of Pod emerging speaking in French to the Press might have woken OddBabble up though.

By étrangère, at Tue Feb 21, 12:56:00 AM 2006