Wednesday, 8 February 2006

Anti-Wedding List?

After nearly ten years together, my flatmate and I are finally about to go our separate ways and live separately alone. As I was looking around the flat at our stuff, I realised that I don't own a lot of essential items like kettles, irons, hoovers etc. because we owned them jointly. It occured to me that when people do this the other way around, ie, two single people set up home together, they send out a wedding list. I have to confess I've never been the greatest fan of them; either the couple have been living together already for years, and so already have loads of stuff and just want newer versions, and so why should I have to buy it for them?! Or they have TWO of everything already, so why should I buy them another version of something they already have in duplicate?!* Anyway, I was thinking about the fact that an 'anti-wedding list' would be a jolly useful and justifiable thing for me. I need stuff! But then I imagined what it would be like going to John Lewis by myself to set up the wedding list, thinking of course of the Lord Jesus as my future husband in Heaven....

John Lewis employee: What name shall I say?

Me: Babble.

JLP: Normally couples come to see us together, when will your future husband be coming?

Me: Ah, no-one knows, not even He does....although I think His Father knows....but He is definately coming!

JLP: Rrrriggghhttt.........[tries to change the subject], what kind of wedding are you planning?

Me: Well, I won't be the only bride.....there'll be LOADS of us....some of them will be fact, a lot of them will be dead!!


*I recognise and embrace the bitterness implied by these comments.

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OddBabble said...

Genius! That you ever considered not blogging was a crime. Keep this stuff coming!

One clarification as Christian married just after Uni... we really didn't have half the stuff we needed, having moved out of shared student/relay houses.

By thebluefish, at Thu Feb 09, 08:05:00 AM 2006

hee hee hee hilarious, please do it, please film it and please post it up here

By Sarah, at Thu Feb 09, 12:00:00 PM 2006

Excellent - I'll second Sarah's suggestion :)

Y'know I was thinking of this earlier today, as over coffee with ladies from my French class we discussed the joys of juicers. I would love a juicer and pondered to myself that it's the kind of thing that's just a bit too extravagant to buy for oneself (ok, esp on an IFES budget) so is the type of thing usually given for a wedding present! Sometime I'll get one and it'll be my symbol of "I'm not putting my life on hold waiting for a wedding (list)" :-D (Not that life consists in the abundance of one's posessions anyway, but you get me?) It could be well used hospitality-wise...

By étrangère, at Thu Feb 09, 01:15:00 PM 2006

Luvin it :)

By Jonny:), at Thu Feb 09, 03:58:00 PM 2006

hi. saw the link on the bish blog...
that is a great post. I would pay money to watch that conversation happen! (or maybe I should use the money to buy Rosemary the juicer?)

By Ant, at Thu Feb 09, 04:50:00 PM 2006

I was at a plienary day on 'Godly Sex' this week - the guy who was speaking suggested that all singles should have a wildcard - that they could play at any time in their life. When you play it - you get to throw a big party where everyone comes to celebrate what a great single you are and buys you stuff for your house. If in the future you get married, you've already forfeited your wildcard so people don't have to buy you stuff. I think you should start this tradition OddBabble!

By Lou, at Fri Feb 10, 10:45:00 PM 2006

OddBabble - I echo Bish: keep this coming. Why not list Ant as your future husband (or was it Dec you dreamed about - I could never tell them apart)?

No, actually, stick with your original plan: that would be great!

Alternatively, put a list here on the blog: the different items could be bagsied through comments...

And which one of us is going to buy Rosemary a juicer? Maybe we could all chip in

By Andy, at Mon Feb 13, 08:02:00 PM 2006

You are brilliant. I say go for it. Registar. OR, maybe you could just post what you need here on your blog, and people who have 2 can let you know! In this day of Christian community, I am sure we all have 2 of random things we would be more than happy to share.

I mean, here at my folks I have nearly furnished an entire apt (in America this is short for Apartment... aka flat.) just by shopping around my parents house. I found a kitchen table and 4 stools, a printer, all kitchen essentials, a bed w mattress, a desk, a microwave, and a printer! All in good working order. I bet people would be willing to help you out by each taking one of each such item from places they know there are 2... but no stealing people!! Stealing from shops for OddBabble is BAD.

I can send you some things... what do you need?? Cant wait to hear!

By Jordan, at Fri Feb 17, 06:22:00 PM 2006

Back in my day as a relay worker there was this mythical organisation called batchelors to the rapture (started by then UCCF staff), they even had a theme tune!

One of thier ideas was that at about 35 all your friends should through a party and give you lots of presents, like wedding gifts.

The group closed as the members got married.

The womens equivalent never really got off the ground because they couldn't think of a name, best they got to was spinsters for the ministers

P.s. Following your rebuke I have started work on my blog again, thanks for the prompt

By James Allaway, at Sun Feb 26, 01:24:00 AM 2006