Monday, 27 November 2006

Cyber Dancing

Nayf says:I should be dancing
OddBabble says:why?
Nayf says:I like dancing
OddBabble says:oh, ok!
Nayf says:And it would be more productive
Nayf says:Shall we dance, OddBabble?
OddBabble says:OK
OddBabble says:I'll just do up my trousers
Nayf says:Erm
OddBabble says:ready!
Nayf says:Good!
Nayf says:What style are we going for?
OddBabble says:You choose, dear
Nayf says:How about... LA SAMBA!
Nayf says:And... GO!
OddBabble says:woooooooooooohhhh!!
Nayf says:Woah!
Nayf says:You're amazing at this!
OddBabble says:I know!
Nayf says:How do you get your hips to DO that?!
OddBabble says:You're terrible, but it's still fun!
Nayf says:I'm still working on my footwork
OddBabble says:stop looking at them, give me those eyes!
OddBabble says:GIVE ME THOSE EYES!
Nayf says:*EYES*
OddBabble says:MUCH BETTER!
OddBabble says:NOW we're getting warm
OddBabble says:Wooooooooooooohhhhhhh!!
Nayf says:Yeah baby!
Nayf says:Actually, I'm feeling a bit too hot
Nayf says:*runs out of breath*
Nayf says:*DIES*
OddBabble says:oh well

Elementary theology

I was on the phone to my sis one morn, and my baby niece was in the background chatting as usual, saying stuff like; "dah! bladdgllll-eeeeee" etc. Then I noticed her saying 'Allah! Allah!' I asked my sister if she had become a muslim. She said "well....I have noticed her moving her play matt so that it faces the same direction every day....."

I guess Allah is easier to pronounce than YAHWEH.

Thursday, 9 November 2006

Ten years gone

Once upon a time there were 3 Goldsmiths freshers who, although it was 1996, should really have been arrested by the Fashion Police. These stylistically challenged teenagers were on thier way to Club Sandwich - the hottest night spot in South East London - where they were to spend every Wednesday night for the next 3 years. 10 years later these same girls (and thier similarly ageing friends) were to revisit their old haunt. They now look like this:
Now, I know they're not supermodels, but aren't we all glad that at some point in that decade SOMEONE showed them a mirror?
These are the lowlights of our 10 year Club Sandwich Reunion:

  • Watching a video of myself as a drunken non-Christian, wearing such embarrasingly dreadful clothes that the assembled company had to agree that we couldn't believe no-one took me (or, to be fair, a nameless friend wearing jeans with a waistline meeting her bosom. This was nineteen ninety six, not nineteen EIGHTY six.) aside and sorted me out, or indeed that anyone was prepared to talk to me at all.
  • Arriving at half past nine and finding that the only other people there were bar staff.
  • Glaring at the DJ as he played the second Arctic Monkey song. I mean who can dance to that?

These are the highlights:

  • Realising that I am no longer the girl on that video. In fact, IN FACT, I am a new creation.
  • As documented on my 365, the moment when as we got onto the bus in Peckham, Mad Clare asked "What's a kebab?" to which Tan dryly replied "the thing you're standing in".
  • The buzz of excitement as we walked up that familiar road leading up to the union door.
  • Our delight in finding that, although the rest of the union was uncharacteristically clean and sterile, the toilets were JUST as we remembered them - fit for sanitary condemnation. Ah, memories.
  • A moment when I looked up to find that the 6 of us were deep in conversation in pairs, talking about what was happening now, in 2006, and remembering that we weren't really in a time warp.
  • The moment when I HAD to get on the dancefloor because my all time favourite tune to dance to came on:Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough.
  • The moment when, although the DJ had systematically ignored all of our retro requests for the Spice Girls and Prodigy, he did actually play Jump Around by House of Pain. We did.
  • ALL the dancing.
  • Visiting that same old kebab shop afterwards. *Sigh*.
  • Waking up the next morning with my old mates, glad that they are still my old mates.

So, next stop 2016, when I can guarantee that the union toilets will be EXACTLY the same.

Friday, 3 November 2006