Monday, 10 July 2006

The Answers

...for anyone that cares...

1. Rich Mullins 'Hard to Get'
2. Tricky 'Black Steel'
3. Ben Folds 'The Luckiest'
4. Bjork 'Alarm Call'
5. Damien Rice 'I Remember'
6. Eva Cassidy 'I Wish I was a Single Girl Again'
7. KT Tunstall 'Heal Over'
8. Paul Wellar 'You Do Something To Me'
9. The Smiths 'There is a Light that Never Goes Out'
10. Suzanne Vega 'Gypsy'

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OddBabble said...


By nayf, at Tue Jul 11, 09:36:00 AM 2006

anna from perth here again. do you work with pete woodcock, would like his email...

By anna and hugh, at Fri Jul 14, 03:26:00 AM 2006

Hi, I don't work with him, but if you drop me an email, I'll give you his.

By OddBabble, at Sat Jul 15, 10:52:00 AM 2006