Wednesday, 10 May 2006

Friendship is...

One of my favourite things to do is to use the lavatory in the company of a friend, or vice versa. It's one of those things that makes me feel like we're REALLY friends... Can you imagine my glee when a friend showed me this artist's impression of how they enjoyed this very delight in Roman times? Above, you will see a group of men enjoying a shared poo while chatting about current affairs. I was also thrilled to discover the collection of communal 'sponges on sticks' for personal cleansing. I shall be contacting my local council to see if I can get this custom resurrected in my neighbourhood.

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OddBabble said...

communal pooing in Peckham....excellent!

By -bb-, at Wed May 10, 10:53:00 AM 2006


there's a place in Wanaka on South Island in NZ where this picture is painted lifesize on the wall as you go in through the "toilet door" (both the men's and women's doors lead into this space - with the real toilets being in separate rooms off to one side) and there are replica roman toilets along the sides of the room to add allusion: it's designed to confuse and delight the tourists. Whilst we were there one old man got very confused and went for a very public wee.

not nice, not kind

By Andy, at Thu May 11, 12:21:00 AM 2006

I'm coming over!!

By OddBabble, at Thu May 11, 08:04:00 AM 2006

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Andy's post made me laugh out loud. OddBabble's response made me smile.

I think for being British this is quite an amazing idea for either of you two to be pondering! I draw the line under this and will no longer stand for any more personal attacks on American openness! We poo behind closed doors!

(But we have less of a problem farting in mixed company.) Huh OddBabble!?

By Jordan, at Sun May 14, 02:31:00 AM 2006

Unbelievable OddBabble! Particularly freaked by the bit about communal sponges on sticks. That would be Pooh Sticks then would it? (groan)

By Ally G, at Sun May 14, 11:42:00 PM 2006

I'm now told that they enjoy this custom TODAY in China in public lavatories! Somebody find me a Chinese dictionary and a pair of oars!!

By OddBabble, at Mon May 15, 09:17:00 PM 2006

is that the pic from the guide book to housteads fort??? i think i have that book and certainly recongoise that pic. I have atcualy been to those toliets oin my travells. by been i meant stood and looked at the toleits, i have strong feelings about preserving archeaology.... thu i have dug out a roman cesspit and own my own piece of roman poo...

Fine example of how cool history and arcaeology can be!

By Jonny:), at Tue May 16, 05:41:00 PM 2006

loving it!reminds me of the shared poo sessions chadwick's dorm would have every morning.apparently they'd have competitions to see who'd poo first...anyhoo do you still have that marvellous photo of thine own extremely long and curly poo on your phone?

By susie t, at Wed May 17, 04:16:00 PM 2006

OK susie - that was OVERSHARING

By Anonymous, at Thu May 18, 03:26:00 AM 2006