Thursday, 5 January 2006

More Poetry Corner

Here at BB2BB HQ we've had a lovely little poem sent in and I'd like to share it with you all, along with my apraisal.

'Pressure Poem'
Hide a light under bushell
Fire burns under log.
Hassle her until she crush'l
Then begin she to blog.

Well done to whoever sent this in. It's a valiant effort although we'll have to use poetic license to excuse the rather frivilous use of the newly coined phrase "crush'l". This is then juxtaposed with the subsequent line that appears to be using a more old-fashioned grammatical construction. All in all a marvelous blend of imagery and wordplay in a delightful pair of rhyming couplets, albeit following an unorthodox ABAB rhyme structure. I am particularly fond of the metaphor of a fire burning under a log, which inevitably must consume the log in its flame. Simply beautiful. With this level of verbosity we'll smoke that blogger-to-be out in no time.

(posted by Nathan)

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OddBabble said...

Odd Babble
Won’t blog
Or snog.

No snog – that’s good
(she’s a Christian you see)
No blog – that’s bad
(she’s ignoring you and me)

Let’s raise a shout of acclamation
“Keep your snogs to yourself”
Let’s raise a shout of revolution
“blog now or lose your wealth!”

By Pressure Poetry, at Thu Jan 05, 09:08:00 PM 2006

Start blogging
Tell us the truth.
Everyone’s waiting,
Patient anticipation;!
Hark the sound of keyboard tapping?

Believe it or not,
Unbelivable truth,
Odd’s not yet blogging
Hard hearted harbinger of boredom!
Everyone is waiting
Looking and waiting
Losing the will to live

Soon she’ll begin blogging:
Tumbling and crumbling under the pressure,
Assenting to our demands.
Resistance is futile
Tapping and scraping at her resovle.

Begin blogging!
Love’s labour lost
Oggle our noggle
Grip on the toggle and
Get on with bloggle
Inegnious Babble
No mortal muscle
Go on, go on, begin to blog


I'm warning you - there WILL be more like this if Odd doesn't start blogging SOON

By Pressure Poetry, at Mon Jan 09, 03:44:00 AM 2006

Babble intelligent
Packed her trunk
to run away with the circus
Off she went with a
bloggedie, blog,
blog, blog, blog.


it's only going to get worse

By pressure poetry, at Tue Jan 10, 01:36:00 AM 2006