Sunday, 28 August 2011

Oddbabble Splits in Two

I know it's irritating when people do this, but I'm moving my blog. In fact I'm splitting it in two. All the Christian stuff is going here (including all the Christian stuff to date), and all the random stuff is going here (including all the random stuff to date). As a special introductory treat, the Christian one has the 2nd part to the Delight Yourself in the Lord post, and the daft one has a poem about needing a wee.

I'm splitting the stuff up because I thought it made more sense to have one blog for one thing. If someone reads my stuff because they enjoy thinking through how Christianity works in the real world, they may find it irritating to be interrupted by posts about cheese, Germans or poo. If someone reads my stuff because they enjoy thinking through cheese, Germans or poo, they might find it irritating to be affronted with a post about the Christian response to suffering. If you enjoy both, they will be clearly linked to one another so you can easily follow both. If you are friends with me on Facebook, they will both be fed to my Notes feed (once I figure out how to do that).

This also hopefully marks a fresh start when I will be blogging regularly again - going through my old posts has inspired me by reminding me that I agree with everything I say. If I wasn't me, I'd totally read both my blogs. I invite you to dig through the archives if you need distraction from something you ought to be doing instead.

Oddbabble: Signing off from here and regretting going over to WordPress because it is much less geared towards people who can't do stuff on computers.

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Kevin Hargaden said...

I shall continue to follow both avenues!