Monday, 14 May 2007

OddBabble likes to...

1./ In her free time, OddBabble likes to dance, watch Lost and Grey's Anatomy, and spend time with her friends and family.
2./ OddBabble likes to spy on him from the darkness of her upstairs bathroom.
3./ Before her games OddBabble likes to relax and listen to music and indulge in her hidden talent: sewing.
4./ OddBabble likes to play on VMK. That's Disney's Virtual Magic Kingdom.
5./ OddBabble likes to proofread the local paper.
6./ So, you know how OddBabble likes to do all these surveys and then post them up for everyone to read her answers, well for some reason, i always have to read...
7./ The newlywed OddBabble likes to buy furniture sight unseen, and, in return for Jeff's turning a blind eye to his girly house, he gets sex.
8./ Apart from writing, OddBabble likes to make/play games, beer, movies and a host of other things that cannot be talked about on a family website.
9./ Back from the challenge, pseudo celebrity OddBabble likes to quote Joe Walsh. "Everybody's so different; I haven't changed."
10./ After drinking a lot and expending a lot likes to get a snack to keep everything stable.

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OddBabble said...

Classic googling. See here.

FYI, "Nathan likes to tell stories", "Nathan likes to call the music Future Retro Folk Rock", "Nathan likes to put it that all the people we loved to hate in college are in one place", "Nathan likes to talk", "Nathan likes to spend time with his new wife Sylvia", "Nathan likes to have a hardy breakfast before going to school", "Nathan likes to quiz Lucie on fire safety", "Nathan likes to read, play the harmonica and show up for work", and "Nathan likes to sleep around." Nice.

By Nathan, at Wed May 16, 01:10:00 PM 2007

Priss Cilla at 10:47pm May 17

This is Tor and Priss... We think that if WE were google, your results would read like this:
OddBabble likes to...
1./During prayer meetings, OddBabble likes to belch the alphabet (she is working on the farting version of this too).
2./When making tea for her guests, OddBabble likes to choose special mugs of significance for them.
3./OddBabble likes to use her ... Read Morespiritual gift of insightful name giving to her friends.
4./When annoyed in the car, OddBabble likes to get out and stab people to manage her anger in a controlled way.
5./When artistically inspired, OddBabble likes to compose songs of Babble tonality (this is occasionally thought of as discordant and atonal by some people, but they clearly are in a lower musical realm)
6./During a road trip, OddBabble likes to have the company of the dream team: Wendy, Ruby, Fumbles and Brenda (those who have shared this experience feel much privileged - we are not worthy!)
7./OddBabble likes to embarrass her friend Ruby, who has a secret crush on Shoekeeper.
8./OddBabble likes to cook jacket potatoes, because she knows no one else in the whole world can make them as nice as she does (not even Tiny Dancer!)
9./When other people don't understand, OddBabble likes to talk to Suki - she's soulful.
10./OddBabble likes to be in the East Patch, because they are the best (the rest of the London team are in denial).

OddBabble at 11:20pm May 17

This has filled me with more joy than you can imagine!