Friday, 23 March 2007

Becci's Strange Dreamworld #1

"Well...first of all you decided to go to taekwondo with me. When we got there it was at a swimming pool and everyone was walking round the edge and every now and again jumping in and getting out again and then walking around and continuing to walk around. Then we left and went to the changing rooms which were like little huts that you'd find in some foreign country. I can't describe them. Then we went back to your house where you were like this poor kid who had abusive parents and I relaised you needed to get out of there and it made me really sad. And you had all these brothers and sisters and then I realised you could leave because you were an adult, so we left and went to kath's house. When we got there her house was a crap-hole,so we were discussing that it needed decorating. So we decided to decorate it but Kath said we couldnt all live there whilst it was being done so you and her were like "we dont need Becci, lets get rid of her"
And i was sad.
You gave me a hug.
And then you grew a beard."

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