Friday, 2 June 2006

Hooray! A Pop Quiz!

A friend asked me to make her a CD so that she could see what kind of music I like. What a glorious commission! Of course I made her 3 volumes. The first and 3rd are themed but the middle one is completely miscellaneous. I made her detailed sleeve notes. See if you can guess the song and artist from the descriptions I used. If I were you, I would be so excited by this, but alas, I can't join in!!
Tip: If you are a hardcore OddBabblings fan, you may find some clues to some of them in early posts....
1.)This is possibly the only Christian song I know that actually talks about what it's like to be a Christian. Or at least, what it's like to be OddBabble. I think this song is amazing, so honest and real. It's how I feel most of the time.
2.)Mmmm, this song is yum. It reminds me of being at Uni in my first year. If anyone comes into your flat while this is playing, they will think you are instantly cooler and more desirable, just from the ambiance you have created.
3.)BLANK is BLANK FRIEND's all time far and away favourite singer. This song is COMPLETELY a-typical of him. He's usual very cool. This is my favourite song of his though for the very reason that it isn't, it's just unashamedly sentimental, cos he really loves his lady. It appeals to my soppy side (which is about 98% of me.)
4.)I had to put a BLANK one on! This is my favourite BLANK song, it's so happy and optimistic! I love the line "I'm no ******* Buddhist, but this is enlightenment" and the detail of remembering to bring good batteries with her to the mountaintop.
5.)I know you say you hate BLANK, but I just can't accept that. Listen woman! This one in particular is AMAZING, because it's like a mini opera - it has scenes and plot and passion and, and listen to it, it's gorgeous! "Want you here tonight, want you here" Can you be so unfeeling?? If nothing else, you can enjoy the thought of BLANK FRIEND and I playing this together, with her hitting her bongos harder and harder and me screaming in the scary half "I whip myself SCORN SCORN SCORN!!"
6.)If I ever get married, I'm going to sing this to my husband.
7.)This is my favourite song of hers. It's one of those songs which in concept, is exactly like a song I wrote, but much better. I heard it after writing mine, and thought "THAT was what I meant to say!"
8.)The acoustic album that this comes from is the reason that I picked up the guitar again a few years ago. I am DEVOTED to the acoustic guitar (you may have noticed quite a lot of it appearing in the songs I like!) and he sure knows how to wield his axe! This song is just gorgeous. I can play it, but it sounds a bit weird when girls sing it.
9.)I just LOVE BLANK's lyrics! He says all the things I think but don't say out loud too often, because I don't want people to know how cynical I really am. He just doesn't care. I love the fact that such misery is set to such a subversively jolly tune too. I think he's a genius. This is the song that made me love BLANK - the first one I ever heard. I love the idea that you can make suicidal feelings romantic. Oh dear, I think I'm revealing a bit too much of my dark side...
10.)This needs no explaination, it's just gorgeous.
Enjoy guessing! Kath, you are not allowed to guess until some others have had a go. I know you'll be able to work most of them out! After a while I'll allow you to try!
The prize is a 'Believe' Mars Bar, cos we all know that eating a sugary snack high in saturated fats is going to help a load of boys kick a ball into a net. There will be 2 winners, Kath and whoever comes second.

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OddBabble said...

2 Comments:I can only imagine how excited you were whilst doing this project! Was it worse than when you have caffeine?

XX Lisa

By Anonymous, at Sat Jun 10, 11:24:00 PM 2006

It was worse, because I shook AND let out a little bit of wee!

By OddBabble, at Sun Jun 11, 04:14:00 PM 2006